cropped-Picks-and-shovels-512x512.jpg“The Picks ‘n’ Shovels Man” is how I’m known.  Officially, my name is Larry and I’m pleased that you have come to my profile to learn more about me.

You might ask, “Why ‘The Picks ‘n’ Shovels Man’?”.

Simply put, you probably remember hearing of or reading about the gold rush in California that started in January of 1848 at the Sutter’s Mill in Coloma.

Coincidentally, Sutter was one of my ancestors.  This is not the first time “gold fever” struck the world.  In fact, the search for gold is one of the main reasons the Americas were found.  But I regress . . . let me get back on point.

When the miners came to California in search for gold, they all needed one thing . . . the tools to take the gold from the ground.  There was the need for someone to provide those supplies (picks and shovels), hence, the merchants who helped the miners get established to find their fortune in life.

Fast forward now from the mid 1800s to the early 2000s.  That’s where I come in.

There is a new “gold field” we all know as the Internet.  Economic times have left so many people in search of financial independence.

You may have gotten the “gold fever” of this new age by wanting to make a change in your own life.  The Internet has leveled the playing field in business.

By that, I mean that the small entrepreneur has the same advantages at the big companies.  Your presence on the Internet is generally a website which is easy and relatively inexpensive to produce.  The individual entrepreneur can be seen as easily as the big company.

People need the tools to build their businesses.  They may also need some information on how to get started.

You will find many of those tools right here.  The idea is simple.  Success IS Unlimited to anyone who has the dedication to work for themselves, just like the miners did in the mid 1800s.

If this is your interest, we will help you find the niche market to work in and provide many of the tools you may need to become successful.

Thanks for stopping to learn more about “The Picks ‘n’ Shovels Man”.