dreamsRunning the Gauntlet for Your Dreams

I was speaking with a colleague today about the feeling most people have about attaining their dreams.

It seems a little bit like the gauntlet you see here.  Have you ever felt that way?

There are the naysayers, the pessimists . . . just people in general who (for some reason or other) just don’t want you to succeed.

Why Would They Want to Kill Your Dreams?

I don’t think there is any way to get around those folks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they don’t really mean bad, but their negative attitudes simply get me down.

Most times it is a matter of jealousy.

“Why jealousy?”, you might ask.

That’s a good question.  You see, if you succeed, then you have proven that it can be done.

They don’t have any reason that they could not have succeeded themselves, BUT YOU DID IT, and not them.

So What Do You Do?

There are 3 main steps in obtaining your dreams.

  • Find a Mentor – this is a person who has already succeeded in the area you are dreaming about.  This could be someone in your local community, or someone you meet through the Internet.  Successful people generally like to pass on their knowledge to help others.
  • Focus on Your Dream – the difference between a hobby and a business (according to the IRS) is dedication.  If you are going to do something occasionally and not be concentrated on making a profit . . . then it is a hobby.  If you are going to focus your attentions on making a profit . . . then they will allow HUGE business deductions against your earnings and make this a business.  The same idea should be used on focusing on your dreams.  If you actively work at making that dream a reality . . . then you will succeed.
  • Finally, Be Active – whether you are building a business or simply reaching for a dream, be active.  Do something every couple days that is focused on creating that dream.  If you are really serious about your dream, do something daily that will help you accomplish it.

Be Accountable to Your Dream

Share your dream with someone who will help you work toward that dream.  This could be a friend or business associate.  There are even some people in the Internet that offer to be an accountability partner for you.

Generally this means talking with them once weekly.  During an accountability session you would likely be required to prepare an agenda about things YOU feel will help you achieve that dream.

Your accountability partner might also provide some tips THEY realize may help you as well.

The main focus is on the dream and your partner will, basically, “hold your feet to the fire”, so to speak.  That means they will hold you accountable to be DOING things, not just dreaming.  That’s the purpose of an accountability partner.


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