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The challenge is to keep within your specific budget while preparing your marketing.  Of course, the best graphics are the ones you develop yourself.

Here’s an article by Rebekah Radice that highlights the things to consider when developing your own . . . Rebekah’s blog.

Notice that she supports purchasing images if you can’t do them yourself.

My option is to create your own by starting with graphics you can get without charge.  If you agree . . . try these sites:

  • – almost 390,000 free photos and images.
  • – over a hundred new photos daily for you to choose from.
  • – over 720,000 stock photos, vectors and art illustrations.

Notice above that I mentioned STARTING with the free graphics and building your own graphics from there.

I prefer to use images that are awe-inspiring, themselves.  In the image on this page, I find that a lighthouse holds a special meaning . . . it is the way to find your focus.

When ships are heading for a shoreline on a foggy night, the lighthouse shows them were NOT TO GO.  It warns them of hazards on the shore the ships should avoid.

Another way to think about that is that it is a guide.  If your goal is to achieve a certain income level, the lighthouse gives you time to “trim your sails”, so to speak so you can regain focus on your ultimate goal.

Use the images in the sites recommended above to get your point across.

After you have found an appropriate image, you can use a variety of programs to add text to the image . . . as I have done here by adding the words . . . “Royalty Free Images”.

You can find many graphic editors to help you develop your own images.  This is a subject for another blog post . . . soooooo . . . come back to see that information on my next blog.


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