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Free Images by Picks & ShovelsWhen you are building your business, you generally need to build a website.  Adding images to your posts or sales page makes it more interesting to your visitor.  Don’t feel you are limited if you do not have the talent to be your on photographer.

Three Types of Images

  1. Purchased Images

    1. – Many of you probably already know about  One of the vendors I use at Fiverr is MaxLogoDesigns.  In fact, the graphic used for my header was provided by him.  I own the image since I paid the fee for it.  Since I purchased the image, I was able to add the specific wording I wished about “Picks & Shovels” to his background image.
    2. – ShutterStock is one of the most popular sites to buy photos.  You have the option to purchase images for a varying cost.  They have over 70 MILLION royalty-free images for you to choose from.  Being royalty-free does NOT mean they have no cost,however.  It simply means you are not paying each time it is viewed.
  2. Free Images

    1. – This group provides free images for your use, whether you need something for your personal use . . . or even a commercial application.  The license they provide images through is called the “Creative Commons Zero License” (CC0).  That means you can modify the images in any way you wish and do NOT have to give any attribution statement to the photographer OR to their site.
    2. – These images are also free.  The difference between and is the licensing agreement.  You can use images from this source, however, you need to give them credit for having provided the images.  A sample of this is on Brian’s blog post here.  Notice the photo has a caption noting it came from FreeDigitalPhotos and the photographer who actually prepared the image.  Because you are attributing the creation of these images to a person, you should NOT be modifying these images.
    3. Link to TONS OF FREE images – This link leads to a blog post where Loes talks about at least 15 sources for free images.  She is from the Netherlands and her husband is a photographer.  Of course, he provides a lot of her photos, however, she also shares information about many other sources.
  3. Make Your Own Images

    1. Take Your Own Photos – If you take your own photos to be put on your website, there are no “hoops” you need to jump through to use them.  Your creative mind can do many thing, if you have that talent.
    2. Make Your Own Images in a Word Processor – This is a little-known secret of the industry.  Look at the image at the top of this post.  I made that image in MicroSoft WORD and saved it as a PDF file.  I then took it to the Internet to and converted it to a JPG file which could be used as an image on this website.  The image is intentionally simple.  Play with this idea if you can’t find free images that say exactly what you want them to say.


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  1. Carol

    Larry, thank you for sharing where we can get free images. Your site is very educational. Carol


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