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List Spark ReviewI recently came across a free, program, called List Spark, to help people build their subscriber list. Everyone who does business online should be interested in this type of program because it is touted as being able to do this virally.

That means that you can get it started and it increases the list exponentially without you having to do a lot of work to keep it going. WOW! What a concept.

I have watched people get involved with a new business from home which leads many people to trying to build their business from scratch. The best way to do that is to find someone willing to impart some good content without you having to pay for the education. There are people who do this and have built a large online business. They are the ones to follow.

Before I get started in the List Spark project, let me just mention a couple people that I get good advice from. If you like the idea of learning from the “pros” then you might want to bookmark these folks.


  • Charlie Page – has been marketing for many years. He writes blogs that help newbies as well as experienced marketers. He has also developed many membership sites to train people on ways to be productive online.
  • Darren Hardy – is a new mentor of mine. His history speaks for itself, however, note that this millionaire is “paying it forward” with the 3-video series about “Wicked Awesome Tricks” to become successful in all types of business.
  • Nick Skolsky – is a master at recruiting. He has helped many become 6-figure earners without charging them for the training. His focus is on the personal contact with people you want to do business with.

The newbie’s main problem

So I attacked this issue from the aspect of what a new person to Internet marketing would be dealing with. “That problem is . . . does List Spark work?”

This post is going to be a case study of List Spark. I’ll start off with getting started with the free version. Everyone likes something that is free, yet a lot of people are disappointed with free things on the Internet because they don’t produce results a lot of time.

The Free version of List Spark

The main idea is to build your list and do it quickly. The viral aspect of this type of marketing is taken from the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model.

Viral MarketingIn other words, since the first 5 people who sign on for your list are passed up to the person who got you onboard, THEN person #6 is all yours. THEY will get 5 people who are passed up to you. Those people will also get 5 people each that will be passed up to you . . . (which will total 30 on your list) . . . and each of those 5 will get 5 new people who will be passed up to you . . . (which will another 125) . . . and the next level of 5 will add another 625 people to your list . . . and so on (to 3,125). . . and so on (to 15,625) and so on.

You see how this can very quickly increase the people on your subscriber list.  This, of course, means that everyone who brings people onboard see the benefit of building THEIR OWN list that they sign on more than the simple 5 that are added to your list. These numbers will not exactly be reached in this order because some of those 5 people will probably not put forth the effort to achieve success.

All of this is done by starting a FREE service with List Spark. The theory works and the price is right . . . FREE.

What About Training?

The program features Emke, who speaks English clearly, though with an accent.  Emke takes time in various videos to explain the system as well as ways to market List Spark.

He reviews various type of marketing from free advertising to pay-per-click (PPC) and buying various solo ads to build your subscriber base.  Here’s a screen shot of the free training.

List Spark Training

This is information in the Basic training area.  It is configured for someone who is new to online marketing.  Emka helps you get started.  That doesn’t mean that you should ONLY do what he suggests though.

Take some initiative to find other areas to advertise.

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  • Do a “Google Search” for free advertising online and pick through some of the results for yourself.  Click on this link and see 644 MILLION results.  Think you can find something you can use?

If you already have some marketing experience, there is a quick start guide that gives you the information you will need to send out, but forgoes the step-by-step procedures.

Where Do All These Subscribers Go?

The system is built NOT by List Spark keeping all those subscribers, themselves, but YOU, the marketer will be setting up an autoresponder system of your own to gather those subscribers.

The system is set up to use one of two autoresponder systems . . . either AWeber or Get Response. (There are many other autoresponder systems in the marketplace, but these are the only two you can choose from at this point.) Here’s a quick link to them. Check out their services. Each has a free trial version, so even the people who don’t have money to spend can take advantage of the autoresponders for a period of time without an investment.

  • AWeber – is one of the most respected autoresponder systems in the business. They offer a $1 30-day trial, then charge under $20 for a small list of subscribers.
  • Get Response – is also a well-respected system that provides an autoresponder service internationally. They offer a free 30-day trial without requesting a credit card.

These are YOUR subscribers. You should plan on marketing whatever business products or services you represent to them.

If you’d like to give List Spark a try . . .

List Spark

OK, so if you might find this interesting . . .

What’s the next step?

If you are expecting to monetize the list, you will need to “drip” information to it. To convince people that you’re not just after their money, you will also need to provide them with some quality content.

MY sponsor, Marcus Clayton, went about things in the right manner. He started sending me emails showing ways to build the List Spark business. After 3 emails concentrating on growing the subscription rate, he sent one that offered some of the other products he is involved in.

Notice, he decided to provide quality content BEFORE he tried to get me to buy something. THAT’S good marketing.

So, what’s the next step? If you decide to take advantage of this type of program, look into building a business that provides the client with some quality information or services BEFORE you try to get them to buy anything from you.

I’d first recommend that you read a special blog post dealing with learning how to build a business if you don’t have much money to spend.

Now Let’s Review the List Spark Pro Service

There is a money-making opportunity built within the List Spark program. You can become a member of the PRO service by paying $19.95 each month for that privilege. The benefits?

  • You receive 90% commission on each person directly under you who also chooses to upgrade to the PRO service.
  • There is additional training to help build your business.
  • You can take advantage of other affiliate offers through the List Spark service.
  • If you upgrade to the PRO service as you get started, you do NOT have to give up your first 5 subscribers to the person who brought you into the system. Instead, they make the 90% commission on your purchase of the PRO service. (good trade off, don’t you think?)

If you decide you are going to try this service, you should give serious consideration to joining at the PRO level.



If you want something you do not have to work at, don’t even think about List Spark. It gives you an opportunity to start a business online without a lot of expense, but ALWAYS REMEMBER . . . building a business will ALWAYS cost something.

With this type of program, you can INVEST YOUR TIME instead of your money. That doesn’t make this a “get rich quick scheme”, but rather something that should allow you to break into the online marketing business without a large investment.

I said that I was going to make this a case study of List Spark, so I’m going to stop this blog here. Feel free to leave comments below.

I’ll add additional notes in the form of comments below, also.

Again, if you’d like to take a challenge to start working with the program along with me, just click on the picture below:

List Spark

My evaluation of this program . . .

Five Star