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The Wealthy Affiliate University is a creation of Kyle and Carson.  Kyle started his college experience in computer programming, quickly found an interest for business and marketing, and by 2005 had developed a passion for helping other people succeed with their own efforts at becoming Internet entrepreneurs.

Carson met Kyle while pursuing his college degree.  He wanted to bridge the gap between education, social networking and technology.  Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was started in 2005 to fulfill their combined passions.

Who Can Benefit from WA?

The “Newbie”

  • Learn how to organize and start an online business
  • Learn niche research to find a profitable online offer
  • Learn about your target audience and competition
  • Build a website . . . 2 free websites with the free package
  • Get constructive criticism about web design from people who share your passion for becoming an Internet entrepreneur

The Seasoned Marketer

  • Develop websites, in fact, multiple websites as your passions grow
  • Find mentors from within the community to increase the success rate if you develop a passion in a new trending industry (and these people are here to help without charging fees)
  • A Continuing education is important to many.  I am told learning about the Internet is a never-ending experience.  Here is what Jozeph says about the value of WA for the seasoned marketer.

What Is Available at WA?

Free for Life – that’s right, you can start a membership at WA without spending any money, whatsoever, and maintain that free account for life.

 Is this a REAL Community?

I’ve shared some of my thoughts about the community.  Here are some thoughts from others.

Share YOUR special talent . . .

If you have a special talent . . . one that you would like to share with others . . . you will find no better place to establish yourself as an “expert” in your field than WA.  You have the ability to join a community of people and make your mark in the world.  Here is a screen shot of what Brian was able to accomplish . . . HE has a talent to share.

Brian's WA rank of 615Leave Your Checkbook at Home

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