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Brian's To Do ListI’ve run across an excellent article to help people keep up with their “to-do” list.  Here at “Picks & Shovels Online”, we want to help you build your business.  That doesn’t mean that we know everything, but we ARE working to bring you things that we have found helpful in building our own business.

The Importance of a To-Do List

You, generally, will get more important things done in a day if you have a reminder about those important things.  There was a time that I had a tendency to do things as they came to mind.

That meant that some of the important things didn’t get done because they weren’t as fun to do.  I think we all have been in that situation from time to time.

Then I found that my marriage could suffer by my forgetfulness.  (I’m hoping that YOU have never run into that issue. LOL)

Standard Printed To-Do Lists

Then the Mrs. shared her interest in me getting the important things for the family done before I did things that were for me . . . like playing games on my cell phone, spending time watching the football game . . . well, you know the types of things I mean.

The image above shows the standard idea of a printed to-do list.  It is simply a page of lined paper that has the list on it.  You can cross off the list as you get the things done.

Computerized To-Do Lists

Someone sent me a to-do list that was prepared with a spreadsheet.  Then I could erase the lines as they were completed and reorganize the list based on the date they should be done by.  THAT was an improvement over what I was doing earlier.

If you like that type of reminder, here’s a free spreadsheet list by  They have prepared a lot of free spreadsheet items to help you run your business.

Mobile To-Do Lists

There are a lot of mobile applications that provide a list you can keep on your mobile device.  Android and IOS have many.

Great Read – SYNCHRONIZED To-Do Lists

Now, the purpose of this particular post is to share an email I got today from HubSpot.  It led to a post written by Lindsay Kolovich about titled:

11 Practical Tips for Finishing Your To-Do List Faster

She has presented some really good ideas.  Here are 3 of the tips she mentioned:

  • Choose the to-do list app or tool that works for you
  • Write out your to-do list the day before
  • Separate your work and personal to-do lists

It is important to read the complete post to see the other 8 ways to get your to-do list completed faster.  Click here to read the full post.

Here’s another GREAT READ.  It reviews the 10 best to-do list tools.  Just think of the opportunity to sychronize your mobile app on your desktop and even share that with someone else.   Read it here.

Brian ClarkAuthor:  Brian Clark is an online businessman who specializes in business-building blogs as well as having an keen interest in growing vegetables without soil.  This is called Hydroponics.  If you may be interested in checking out a program he recommends . . . click here.

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  1. Carol

    Making a To DO List and sticking to it has been a challenge for me. Thank you for sharing these simple tools. I think I’ll try it again, Carol


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